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Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School
South Burlington, Vermont
Cable System: Comcast

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Jay Hoffman"Do not wait until you master the technology before you incorporate it into into the classroom! Find a tech savvy student and let them run. Have them teach you as you try to navigate in this wild technology race. The more stakeholders you include in your plan, the greater your odds of long-lasting success will be."

With a Bachelor's degree in Technology Education and an Advanced degree in Public School Administration, Jay Hoffman recognized the need to incorporate the arts and technology across curricula at Tuttle Middle School. So he and the school's music teacher teamed up and secured grant money they used to create a news broadcast studio, equip every classroom with televisions, and upgrade the school's cable infrastructure. Not long after, in February 2003, the South Burlington Network News (SBNN) debuted on their local school Network.

Since then, the program has continued to grow and experience great success. Each year, a group of students apply and 12 are selected to participate in SBNN. The team works extensively with other students in the school as well as community members to produce, edit and broadcast their stories. Most recently the SBNN News team collaborated with to help in their efforts to prevent teens from being victimized by sexual predators through informative broadcasts. In March, the Korean Government Education Film Crew traveled to South Burlington to produce a documentary on SBNN's work with

SBNN has become a staple in the community. Students are sought after conference speakers and have keynoted at such places as The New England League of Middle Schools, Vermont School Board Association Conference and the Vermont Superintendent Conference. They've been featured in Leadership Magazine and placed 1st in the eSchoolnews Middle School Video Competition in 2008. Most recently they placed 3rd and 4th In C-SPAN's National 2009 StudentCam video competition. Hoffman has been twice named the Vermont Technology Education Association Teacher of the Year.