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Founder and Chair
Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe)
Arlington, Virginia
Cable System: Comcast

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"There are many ways to continue to incorporate technology into the classroom: talk with other teachers at school and at state education conventions. Visit with a school's technology teacher, the school district's technology office, and check out what classes, in-service or professional instruction might be offered. Visit stores that sell digital products and talk with friends and neighbors who "know technology.""

Jacalyn Leavitt's commitment to education began as an elementary school teacher and continued through her tenure as First Lady of Utah, where improving the health and literacy rates of children were trademarks of her public service. In 2005, when her husband, Governor Mike Leavitt, was asked to join the President's Cabinet and the family moved to Washington D.C., Leavitt founded the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe). iKeepSafe is a broad partnership of governors, first spouses, attorneys general and law enforcement, public health, education and industry leaders dedicated to helping children learn the safe and healthy use of technology and the Internet.

iKeepSafe's important partnership with Comcast has helped facilitate an array of programs, including a three-state Initiative (Michigan, Washington, Virginia) to develop a multi-faceted children's Internet safety campaign. In each state, iKeepSafe and Comcast worked with the state attorney general to focus their specific content priorities. iKeepSafe and Comcast have also developed various public health campaigns and created programming on cyber-bullying and other Internet issues for Comcast's award-winning "Student Voices" show.

Comcast is also sponsoring the development and production of iKeepSafe's widely popular Faux Paw the Techno Cat Internet Safety series of children's books, animated DVDs, and educator curriculum that teaches basic principles and skills of Internet safety to children. All products and initiatives work towards iKeepSafe's shared goal: helping kids and teens become responsible, ethical and resilient cyber citizens.

Leavitt holds a degree in secondary education with an elementary endorsement from Utah State University. She was a 27-year PTA member.